It takes courage to seek support

I’m glad you’re here. Here’s how I can help.


You are looking for a therapist because something is challenging, painful, or confusing and you need support navigating through it. We start where you are and go at a pace that is comfortable for you. We can shift things for you in therapy with compassion, a deeper understanding of your attachments, mindfulness, a little humour, and some attention to the physical experiences of psychological struggle.

The positive change may occur in your sense of self, the stories you tell yourself about your life and your pain, your ability to attend to your own needs, your ability to draw boundaries, to communicate, to regulate your emotions, and to be in relationship with others. And ultimately, you can feel better in yourself and in your life.


I enjoyed my time with Shannon tremendously. She was always empathetic and compassionate, had a great knack for pointing out the obvious that I was missing and saying what I needed to hear. Sessions with her were insightful and enjoyable, even when dealing with the weightier aspects of the human experience. My only regret is that she is now so far away. I miss our time together. I’m very grateful for the road I started on with Shannon. Our afternoons are still paying dividends. - GL

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